User’s personal information is collected by Ladisa Ristorazione when user register himself on the website and during the use of the services of the website. The collection of user’s personal information, marked with an asterisk in the registration form or during the use of services, it is necessary to allow users to access the Community of Ladisa Ristorazione and use the site's features. Any refusal to disclose such personal information makes it impossible to complete the registration. User’s personal data are collected and handled by electronic instruments and computerized. In some cases it may be used automatic data collection tools, such as "cookies" to enable user to benefit of certain personalized services. For an explanation about how we collect through these instruments, see section 3 of the Privacy Policy. User’s data will be stored on our servers located in Italy at Intempra Srl (with headquarters in Viale Japigia, 86 70126 Bari), where it will be processed to allow users to take advantages of our services, under the Agreement for the users and for other purposes specified in this Privacy Policy (see section 4).

The processing of user’s personal data, required to access the web portal Ladisa Ristorazione and to avail the services, can be done by Ladisa Ristorazione without user express consent also in order to fulfill specific obligations under the law, regulations and legislation applicable . Also, in cases identified by the Authority for the protection of personal data, in order to pursue a legitimate interest of Srl Intempra or of a third party, such as, for example, protection from fraud or other conduct contrary to the User Agreement, and to assert a right or defend a legal claim.

Within the limits and the purposes specified in the Privacy Rules, certain personal information may be disclosed to third parties by Ladisa Ristorazione , public and / or private, such as:

National financial administration and P.A.;
judicial authorities and police forces;
banks and credit institutes, debt collection companies,
private credit reference agencies;
Company consultants and professional firms (legal, accounting, tax, etc.).
other companies in the group Ladisa Ristorazione ;
Ladisa Ristorazione may process some user’s personal information, such as user ID and email address, to send regular newsletter which keeps user informed about news on the site and new services offered by Ladisa Ristorazione and the other companies of the Group (see paragraph 4 of the Privacy Policy).

Instead prior and express consent will be necessary in order to process personal data for other commercial purposes, and, in particular, for marketing purposes, market research, activities for the loyalty of customers, other business activities by Ladisa Ristorazione Group companies or third parties with which Ladisa Ristorazione has signed and / or enter into commercial agreements. In these cases the consent to provide personal data is voluntary. Refusal to give consent to the processing of user’s personal data for such purposes may cause the inability of the Ladisa Ristorazione (or other companies) to provide user with some personalized services (for more information, please refer to section 6 of the Rules on Privacy).

Ladisa Ristorazione guarantees maximum privacy of user’s personal information by applying the most appropriate technologies, following Italian and European standards regarding minimum security measures to prevent unauthorized access to its database, any loss and / or accidental destruction of data. For more information see paragraph 11 of the Privacy Policy.

Access to user’s personal information will be granted to Ladisa Ristorazione Customer Care representatives and representatives of the Regulations and safety of Ladisa Ristorazione , which have been appointed as "responsible" of the data processing pursuant to art. 30 of the Privacy Code, to provide support to users in relation to the services offered by Ladisa Ristorazione , to meet the demands of the Judicial Authority, to check the behavior incompatible with User Agreement and billing needs. For a detailed explanation of the rights granted to each user of the Site, pursuant to art. 7 of the Privacy Code, see section 10delle Privacy Policy. For any inquiries and / or communication about privacy you can contact Customer Service, choosing the topic Questions on registration> Registration (opening, closing and merging accounts)> More questions about the Privacy Policy and filling out the form on the following pages.

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