Planning And Design Of Meal Preparation Centres

In order to provide catering services, private and state-owned companies require meal preparation centres, which often need to be developed ex-novo. Ladisa S.p.A. can also offer vast experience in this field. The company’s Design Office staff of specialised architects and engineers can independently design and develop fully equipped and furnished meal preparation centres, kitchens and warehouses of all types and sizes to meet every requirement.

Projects which Ladisa have designed include the Ladisa S.p.A. Meal Preparation Centre in Genoa, the Ladisa S.p.A. Meal Preparation Centre in Turin, the Giovanni Paolo II Clinic canteen kitchens (Putignano), the staff canteen at IRCCS - Giovanni Paolo II Institute for Tumours (Bari), four bars at the Foreign Office headquarters (Rome), renovation of the staff canteen services at the Foreign Office headquarters (Rome) and the ADISU Puglia student services canteens (Bari): Dell’Andro (1,100 m², 600 meals per day), CUM (800 m², 600 meals per day) and the Faculty of Medicine (800 m², 300 meals per day).

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