Ethical Rating, Italian Competition Authority Awards Ladisa 2 Star + Rating

A government star-rating system as a badge of reliability, professional ethics, propriety and transparency. The catering company Ladisa (12 million meals served annually, 2,500 employees, 450 public and private facilities served throughout Italy) has joined the ranks of Italian companies with an ethical rating certified by the Italian Competition Authority. It is the only Apulian company in the catering field to have been awarded such a recognition.

After its inspection and following a deliberation issued on the 4th November (attached), the Authority (acting under a 2012 law which established it as an auditing tool for company practice) awarded the Bari-based collective catering company a rating of 2 star + (out of a maximum of 3 stars), a unique achievement among Apulian catering companies. The Authority’s online public data section reveals that there are currently 1,103 companies in Italy with an ethical rating. Of these, only 125 can boast a 2 star + rating.

The ethical rating process is a new system for Italian companies, introduced in 2012. Its aim is to introduce and promote the principles of ethical business behaviour through a scoring system for ethical practice among companies which apply to the scheme. More generally, ratings also take into account the level of adherence to appropriate business management practices.  

Recognition of a high ethical rating – denoted by a star system for convenience – implies a series of advantages such as public funding and access to banking credit facilities. 

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