About the Company

Our company history dates back over four generations. Today, Ladisa is an organisation of distinction within the catering industry. The company business, headed by the Ladisa brothers Sebastiano and Vito, ranges from collective catering to foodstuff supply, from commercial catering to banqueting and from the planning and construction of industrial kitchens to cleaning and maintenance services.

The company, which produces over 25million meals annually and employs approximately 4,000 people, works with schools, universities, hospitals, state ministries, police forces, armed forces and public authorities.

These figures are set to rise with the company operating throughout 17 regions of Italy, from north to south, serving over 700 facilities across the country.
Inspired by the most famous and traditional Mediterranean recipes, Ladisa’s “Che Bontà” line of ready meals offers a new asset in its marketing of food retail products aimed at large scale distribution and specialised foodstuff shops.

Since April 2016, Ladisa has been part of the Italian Stock Exchange’s ELITE programme.
Quality, technology and innovation are the key ingredients of success for a company that has become a symbol of high quality Italian cooking.

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