The Bari headquarters at the Industrial Development Association site covers an area of over 12,000 m². The complex is powered by a solar-panelled system which produces a total of 199.68 kWp, guaranteeing autonomous energy for production, yet generating low-impact CO2 emissions.

Opened in 2012, the complex is divided into the following areas; a 5,000 m² meal preparation area including preparation zones, refrigerating rooms and butchery all on one floor served by 11 loading bays; a logistics platform based on one floor, with fixed flow rail metal shelving units and a total capacity of 4,000 pallets; 2,000 m² of offices, a staff canteen, changing rooms and bathrooms for staff, a training room and a laboratory.

The logistics platform does not only provide storage for the meal preparation area; it is also used as a foodstuffs platform for food/non-food products. Its storage capacity of 4,000 pallets is divided into 333 three-level bays of which the two upper levels can hold up to 2,000 kg of products.

There are also six refrigerating rooms with a total capacity of approximately 600 m² and a temperature range of between -2°C and +10°C as well as a freezer unit with a temperature range of -18°C to -25°C. The refrigeration rooms allow for the access of pallet trucks and the addition of a large number of industrial metal shelving units, with a total storage capacity of 400 pallets.

The refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment, as well as the refrigerating systems and building materials, were designed to minimise heat dissipation and optimise energy use.
A recycling plant, complete with waste crushing mechanism, has been opened at the company headquarters, allowing refuse to be stored according to type. This maximises the quantity of waste which can be recycled and reduces to a minimum that which is sent to a waste disposal plant.

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