Green catering

Following its recent substantial investment in environmental protection and recycling schemes, Ladisa has adopted a policy for locally produced products that is in constant expansion. The company is equipped with a pool of vehicles powered by methane and/or using tyres from recycled materials; it promotes the use of public water supplies by distributing water in jugs, particularly in school canteens; it has limited the use of plastic plates and it encourages recycling.

The company was among the first in the field to align its production to the requirements of the Italian Ministerial Decree (passed on 25/7/11) on eco-friendly collective catering services.

This commitment was recognised by a study carried out by the University of Turin on school catering services in the city, the capital of the Piedmont region and the local authority where Ladisa provides school catering services. Findings showed that, based on the environmental improvements outlined in the tender bid, a total carbon footprint saving of 587.76 tonnes of COe per year was made.

This is equivalent to the emissions of 6,274 journeys between Turin and Rome in a Fiat Punto car (equivalent to 8 cars making a daily return journey from Turin to Rome for an entire year). In short, these newly adopted innovations were able to cut CO2 emissions by a third.

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